Chicken or fish? Your beloved furry buddy deserves more than that. Give it a tasty twist by switching their meals to delish duck meat! We all know chicken and fish are the usual go-to’s, but duck meat brings a rich flavour and loads of nutritional perks to the table. Duck meat is an amazing source of protein, which is essential in every canine’s diet. It might not be a popular choice yet, but believe us (the pet food experts), duck meat has a richer flavour and more healthy unsaturated fats that outshine chicken in every way! 

We bet you have come across various dog food brands with duck meat. You definitely wonder, “Can dogs eat duck meat?” or “Is duck healthier than chicken and beef?” Yes, it is safe. In fact, it is way underestimated for the nutrition it packs and is even recommended by holistic veterinarians. In case you missed it, we have uncovered the goodness of duck meat in our previous article HERE.

As the aspiring No. 1 Pet Care Specialist, we recognise, formulated, and infused duck meat into our quality kibbles. Read on to discover how ProBalance Adult Dry Dog Kibble Food – Duck can help improve your dog’s overall wellness.


1. A Preferred Choice for your Dog’s Allergies

If your furry friend experiences tummy troubles or skin sensitivities from common meats like chicken or beef, it might be a sign of food sensitivities or allergies. This is where ProBalance Adult Dry Dog Kibble Food – Duck steps in! Crafted with 100% free-range duck, every kibble promises a delicious and nutritious treat. With 23% protein, it supports muscle development and keeps fur and skin in tip-top shape. Using advanced Japanese technology, proteins are hydrolysed into smaller peptides, promoting easier absorption and better gut health without triggering allergic reactions.

2. Stronger Joints and Bones

ProBalance Adult Dry Dog Kibble Food – Duck is more than just a tasty treat for your furry companion. Packed with glucosamine and chondroitin, it goes the extra mile to build robust joints and promote overall bone health. These ingredients not only offer anti-inflammatory benefits but also enhance mobility and flexibility, crucial for your active canine buddy. Moreover, the high calcium content supports excellent health, ensuring proper bone formation and preventing potential health issues.

3. Boost Immune System

Enriched with antioxidant-rich green tea essence, ProBalance Adult Dry Dog Kibble Food – Duck goes beyond the ordinary by giving the immune system an extra boost but also enhances brain and liver functions, ensuring overall well-being. Thanks to the antioxidants in tuna oil, your canine buddy’s immune system receives a powerful boost, contributing to overall health and vitality. This specially formulated diet promotes a strong immune system with essential vitamins and minerals, reinforcing your furry friend’s resilience. Every kibble gives your canine companion the care they deserve with a flavour that tickles its taste buds and a list of nutrients that strengthen its immune system.

4. Shinier Coat, Healthier Skin and Stronger Heart

Adding an extra touch of care in every bowl, ProBalance Adult Dry Dog Kibble Food – Duck is crafted with 12% fat which consists of protein-rich tuna oil and essential Omega-3 fatty acids. This dynamic duo not only enhances coat shine and skin health but also champions cardiovascular well-being, ensuring your pet’s heart stays robust. 

5. Boost Cognitive, Joint Mobility, and Physiologic Functions

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids support dogs’ brain, eye, skin, coat, and heart health, joint mobility, and growth. Omega-3, like DHA and EPA found in ProBalance Adult Dry Dog Kibble Food – Duck, is crucial, especially since dogs cannot produce it naturally. 

Although dogs can produce arachidonic acid, an Omega-6 fatty acid, in their bodies, it is vital to help promote its production and provide Omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid in their diet, which both play a key role in cell membrane structure and function. These fatty acids are also found in
ProBalance Adult Dry Dog Kibble Food – Duck.

6. Ease Digestion

To cap off your dog’s well-rounded nutrition with ProBalance Adult Dry Dog Kibble Food – Duck, this nutrient-packed dog food features fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) extracted from chicory roots that help ease the digestive system. Acting as a prebiotic, FOS fosters the growth of ‘friendly bacteria’ in the large intestine, ensuring overall gastrointestinal wellness. As these FOS are digested by gut bacteria, they form short-chain fatty acids, stimulating cell growth in the small intestine. This not only supports good gut bacteria but also promotes digestive health, effectively minimising stool odour.

Staying true to our promise to you, we at ProBalance, constantly strive to offer you and your furry buddy “More Play” by innovating the optimal nutrition that best serves your dogs’ needs at every phase of their lives. It is our pride to give our best friends the best nutrition they deserve. With ProBalance Adult Dry Dog Kibble Food – Duck, we believe it packs a unique flavour to enhance your dog’s palatability and well-being. Reward your furry buddy with this delicious treat by purchasing it HERE today!


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