“I want a dog, can I have a pet, mum and dad?”

We have all been through the age where we wanted a pet so much we begged and begged our parents. Some will be lucky enough to get a pet as a gift during festive season or as a birthday present. The rest of us were not that lucky. 

“We don’t think having a pet is a great idea.”

We never understood why we were not allowed to have a pet. Having a pet just seems to be a happy addition to the house. The laughter, the joy and the warmth they bring to us is impeccable, right?

“How hard can it be having a pet?”

As we grew older, we finally understood that having a pet is not just “having” them. They are your family members which means they are a lifetime commitment. Average life expectancy of a dog ranges between 10-18 years. 

Having pets is a form of art. We continue learning in the process, we grow together with our pets to be a more responsible and detail oriented person. We learned that unconditional love is not just in the form of money and gifts, but more so cuddles and belly rubs.

Just like human beings, your pets will go through different life stages and eventually fall sick one day. Aside from the care we shall be ready to provide, the cost of taking care of a dog will sum up to be a relatively big amount. Eventually, the day will come, where you have to bid farewell to the companion you had for over a decade. The pain of separation, the grief of losing a loved one, the one we considered as family.

Maybe after all, our parents were too afraid to commit. Even so, the love of a dog never stopped us from getting them. We grew up, understanding better on how to be a responsible pet owner. We love them regardless, in return for their loyalty and affection. It is in fact, a great idea to have a dog.


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