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Your puppy may be happily grazing any food you give it. But hold up, not every food is suitable for dogs, especially puppies. Choosing the right puppy food and a nutritious diet for your little canine can be tricky, but it is essential for your puppy’s good health and proper growth. With the abundant puppy food choices and diet advice available, you may feel overwhelmed. So, here is a quick guide to help you start your journey as a paw parent. 


Right Food at the Right Age

Diet goes with time. At six to 12 weeks of age, you may start to feed your puppy with puppy food that contains special formulation with appropriate nutrition needed for a puppy’s healthy growth. This is when your puppy no longer gets the essential calories from its mother’s milk. Hence, it is crucial that you feed your puppy with the right puppy food four times a day, but in a recommended amount to avoid overfeeding your puppy that leads to obesity. When it reaches three to six months of age, you may lower the feeding frequency to three times a day. By then, you may have noticed your little pooch’s cute potbelly is decreasing in size. This is a normal phase as your puppy begins to mature. As it enters six to 12 months, it is where twice-a-day feeding begins.

Wet or dry puppy food, both options are suitable. If you are keen to train your puppy to consume solid puppy food, you may start the practice when it reaches the age of about four weeks. However, it is advisable to dampen the kibbles until they are soft for easier mastication and smoother digestion for your puppy. But you may skip this step with ProBalance’s Single Source Puppy Chicken, Egg, Milk. Its kibbles are small in size, easy to chew and pleasant to the palatability. 


Avoid Adult Dog Food

Adult dog food contains a different set of nutrition that is not sufficient to help in a puppy’s healthy development. If you are unsure of your puppy’s age and only gauging by its size, it is better to stick to puppy food for a longer period. So, your puppy would not miss out on the important nutrition. This is why Single Source Puppy Chicken, Egg, Milk by ProBalance is the easier and hassle-free choice when it comes to puppy food. It caters to puppies as young as four weeks and even puppies of up to 10 months of age. It consists of a feeding guideline on the amount to feed according to the size or age of your puppy. Refer to the guideline here: http://www.probalance.com.my/single-source-puppy-chicken-egg-milk/ 


All The Nutrition Your Puppy Needs

We cannot stress enough the importance of nutrition in puppy food. But what exactly is the right food? There is plenty to name but let’s get to the key essentials to look out for when it comes to purchasing the right puppy food.

  • Meat protein: Helps to build tissues, muscles, organs, antibodies and hormones. Its key functions include maintaining muscle mass, reproductive and immune system that helps in wound recovery. This is why ProBalance’s Single Source Puppy Chicken, Egg, Milk that packs 100% meat from a single animal source is a better choice of puppy food. With 26% protein per serving, it suffices to meet the ideal amount of protein your puppy needs.
  • Calcium: Builds stronger bones and teeth. Chelation agents in calcium help reduce tartar formation. Calcium also plays a role in regulating blood coagulation, muscle contraction, and nerve impulse transmission. When there is calcium, there should be Vitamin D that promotes calcium absorption.
  • DHA and EPA: This brain-booster duo is supplied by Omega-3 fatty acids that are derived from fish oil. It helps improve brain development, enhance brain function and promote healthy visual function through retinal development. Not to forget, this duo helps your puppy to flaunt its shiny coat and healthy skin too.
  • No by-product: By-products found in pet food may be taken from animal hair, teeth, feet, and other indigestible animal parts. To ensure the high quality your best pal deserves, ProBalance’s Single Source Puppy Chicken, Egg, Milk contains 0% by-product, but 100% wholesome goodness from single source animal protein.
  • No artificial colouring: Never be tricked by the colours of puppy food. Looking good does not mean it is good for your puppy’s health. Ensure the puppy food does not contain artificial colouring to avoid any risk of health setbacks to your puppy. The good news is Single Source Puppy Chicken, Egg, Milk of ProBalance exactly meets this requirement.

The ProBalance’s Single Source Puppy Chicken, Egg, Milk is also rich in antioxidant complex, prebiotics, Vitamin E, and selenium that helps build a stronger immune system and better digestive system. 

Get Started with Single Source Puppy Chicken, Egg, Milk by ProBalance

From nutritional demands and feeding guidelines to texture and palatability, Single Source Puppy Chicken, Egg, Milk by ProBalance wins it all. Thanks to its suitability for a vast range of puppy age, you need not keep switching diets for your puppy. A sudden change in diet can cause your puppy to suffer diarrhoea and tummy upset. If you would like to switch to ProBalance’s Single Source Puppy Chicken, Egg, Milk from your existing puppy diet, you may mix the old and new diet in a 50-50 portion for a start. Gradually, minimise the old diet and increase the new diet portion within the first week’s feeding.

Start the right diet for your little canine pal today while it is still young and active in nutrition absorption. A healthier puppy means more play between the both of you! Seize the youth and provide the best quality for your best pal today: http://www.probalance.com.my/single-source-puppy-chicken-egg-milk/ 


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