Have you ever gotten caught in a dilemma while shopping for dog food? As pet parents, we often find ourselves trapped between choosing canned wet food or dry kibble. But fear not, we are here to unleash the truth about mixing these two delightful options. Get ready for a taste sensation that will have your furry BFF begging for more as mixing both wet and dry dog food has loads of benefits that await you and your furry buddy!

Why Choose Dry Food?

  1. Longer Storage, Less Mess

Packed with paw-some perks for our furry friends and their humans, crunchy kibbles can outlast canned wet dog food when it comes to storage capabilities once unsealed, free from concerns about bacterial contamination. Its longer shelf life ensures convenience and peace of mind for pet owners. Although the peace can be compromised when your canine friend gets overexcited and spills some kibbles onto the floor. However, there is no need to fret as the kibbles and crumbs can be easily cleaned up or your dog may have got to it before you do!


  1. Promotes Oral Health

The unique texture of certain dry kibble varieties like those in ProBalance’s Single Source Salmon is ingeniously crafted to create a brushing sensation as dogs munch away. Every chew becomes a brief dental session as the crispness and shape of the kibble are capable of gently scraping away plaque and tartar, paving the way for fresher breath and happier gums.


  1. Weight Control and Adds Feeding Fun

Thanks to the size and compact nature of dry dog food, it can be effortlessly concealed within toys or creative food-dispensing tools. This ingenious setup not only provides mental stimulation and endless entertainment for your furry companion. Furthermore, these clever tools can double as a weight management monitor, ensuring the intake portion is being controlled by accommodating just the right amount of food for your dog’s mealtime needs. With these delightful diversions, your dog can stay engaged, satisfied, and in tip-top shape!

Why Choose Wet Food?

  1. Enhances Hydration

Most dogs do not drink enough water, and your furry friend might not be an exception, but fear not! Wet dog food comes to the rescue with its moisture-packed goodness. With a higher water content than dry kibble, it is like a refreshing drink and a tasty meal all in one. Staying hydrated also helps their kidneys and urinary tract take a break from unnecessary strain.


  1. Easier and Tastier to Eat

Tickle your canine buddy’s taste buds and invigorate their senses as wet dog food, like ProBalance’s Pro Selection Beef Flavour With Veggie, is packed with mouth-watering flavours and tantalising aromas that can tempt even the pickiest eaters. When your furry friend is feeling under the weather or lacking appetite, you can still ensure they get the nutrients they need with wet dog food that is easy to eat with its smooth texture. For furry friends with dental challenges like a quirky jaw, small mouth or missing teeth, chewing dry kibble can be a bit challenging. With wet dog food’s soft texture, this gourmet delight is friendlier to the teeth. Plus, senior dogs can chew their food with ease and comfort, allowing them to savour their meal without any discomfort.


  1. Easy to Digest

Indulge your furry friend with a delectable feast that is packed with all the goodness they deserve! Every bite of moist and flavourful wet dog food like ProBalance’s Lamb in Loaf can ease digestion due to its soft texture and high moisture content. Smooth digestion also ensures your furry buddy gets the nutrients it needs to keep it feeling its absolute best!


THE PERFECT BALANCE: Amplifying the Benefits by Mixing Wet and Dry Dog Food


  1. Indulge in The Best of Both Worlds

Let’s trace back to the goodness both wet and dry dog food can offer in the above sections, mixing them together means you can let your furry friend savour the tasty food yet get proper nourishment at every mealtime! Your dog ought to enjoy optimum hydration and maximum flavour from the wet dog food while munching away the crunchy-licious kibbles that help remove plaque and tartar.


  1. Goodbye, Boredom. Hello, Variety.

Eating the same food all day, err day bore you out? We get you. Like any one of us, your dog may feel the same if it is being fed the same food every time. So, why not give it a mix? Add wet dog food into the dry kibbles to enhance the flavours and nutrients, or vice versa to let your canine buddy enjoy the tasty crunches.


  1. Cost-Saving Synergy: Maximizing Value with mixed foods

It does not always have to hurt your wallet when it comes to feeding your dog. If you usually feed wet dog food to your furry friend, scoop a portion of the wet food and sprinkle some kibbles into it to save the remaining balance for the next meal. Alternatively, feed only dry dog food in the next meal instead of going for the wet option again. Plus, dry dog food is more value for money compared to canned dog food. So, a pack of dry dog food can last you for a longer time if you mix the feeding.


  1. One Recipe Fits Many Dogs

Blending wet and dry dog foods creates excitement for dogs with unique tastes and special needs. Picky eaters discover delectable flavours and chewy textures, satisfying their discerning palates. Aromatic wet food entices low-appetite dogs to finish their dry meals. Senior dogs, despite weaker senses, are captivated by mouth-watering scents. For those with small jaws or dental issues, wet dog food aids in chewing, swallowing, and softening kibble.

Tips for Mixing Wet and Dry Dog Food 

Considering the mix? Always remember to take it slow and consult your vet first to avoid stomach issues. If transitioning from dry to wet food, start with a small amount and gradually increase it over a week or two. Feeding wet and dry food in separate bowls or serving them at different times is perfectly fine. Alternatively, you can leave the dry food out throughout the day allowing for snacking with managed portions while using wet food as the main mealtime. To ensure proper nutrition and prevent weight gain, consult your vet for your dog’s specific caloric needs and monitor daily calorie intake, including treats. If your dog is not eating enough, try changing up shapes, textures, and aromas to reignite their interest. For an easier option, why not try ProBalance’s Turkey In Gravy? Every chunk of meat is soaked in gravy delight for richer flavour and softer texture to give palatability the extra boost — all while providing the nutrients your dog needs.


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