Why Gourmet Selection Tender Lamb?

ProBalance™ equipped with all the Nutritional benefits for a complete balanced diet for all dogs. Packed with all the essential minerals, Proteins, Fibers, and additional benefits such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help maintain, protect and ensure you dog’s health lifestyle.

ProBalance™ Gourmet Selection, especially home grown from Australia is packed with whole fresh meat and vegetables and precooked in an aluminum tray for compact nutrients that does not escape your dog’s nutritional charts.

ProBalance™ dog food is made with the best interest at heart for dogs. We strive hard to achieve the highest quality products and meet the requirements of international certifications. Our Product formulation is compliant with AAFCO and is produced under stringent manufacturing and quality management systems that meet the ISO 9001 standards, GMP (Good manufacturing Process) and HACCP (Hazzard Analysis and Critical Control Points) safety guidelines.


Lamb, Chicken, Liver, Prebiotics, Vegetable Oil, Gelling agents, Vitamins & Minerals.

Gourmet Selection - Tender LambFeeding GuidelinesUncompromising Nutrition

Gourmet Selection – Tender Lamb

Enjoy a rich and wholesome meal specially produced for your dog in Tender Lamb Flavour. Filled with naturally grown ingredients from Australia. Natural Produce within dog food contains quality protein and grain sources of exceptional nutritional value. Protein forms the building blocks of the body’s tissues and organs, as well as skin, hair, blood, muscles and tendons.

It’s also made up of amino acids, which are necessary for regulating metabolism, repairing and growing tissue. The more natural meat you have in a product, the more protein it contains. By using fresh and natural ingredients, it allows more nutritional absorption into the body. Fresh vegetable produce within dog food represent fibre for the body and every time you hear that sentence “eat your vegetables” you know exactly why vegetables are good for you; Fibre acts as a natural thickening agent which helps carry along food remains in the intestine while cleaning & removing any impurities.

Feeding Guidelines

  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Keep remaining food re-sealed or closed in a container after use.
  • You can choose to serve your dog once or twice in a day according to the recommended daily feeding amount.
  • Make sure your dog’s feeding and water dishes are always clean.

Daily Feeding Guidelines for DRY Food

Weight of dog Servings per day
< 5kg 80-170g
5 – 10kg 170-270g
10 – 30kg 270-400g
> 30kg 400-700g

Daily Feeding Guidelines for WET Can

Weight of dog Servings per day
< 5kg 1 can
5 – 10kg 2 cans
10 – 30kg 2 – 4 cans
> 30kg > 4 cans

Uncompromising Nutrition

Dog requires different types of nutrition and distribution just like us do to continue to develop and create a strong immune system to prevent any health problem in the future.

  • Omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids which help to keep your dogs coat healthy and shiny.
  • Calcium and phosphorus are the two primary mineral content in your dog’s body. It’s important for dog to maintain strong teeth and bones.
  • Protein is an essential building block when it comes to muscle, fur, skin and brain development.
  • Fibre is important to your dog’s health because it provides bulk to move food through its intestinal tract.
  • Oligofructose to improve the digestion in dog and helps to maintain their gastrointestinal health.
  • Added green tea essence to help reduce the odour of dog’s stool and urine.

It’s true that dog’s have different needs of nutritional proportion than that of other mammals. Especially for puppies, they need higher protein to ensure them to grow faster and healthier into adulthood. This is because puppies are in a stage of development and any foundation has to be laid out during this stage to build a strong immune system.